December 2010
December 2010
The Wagiet 7th Generation
Iyaad Adams ---------------Deen Wagiet ----------Ismail Allie------------------------------Jana Allie
8th Generation Laila

My Family

The Wagiet Family's ancestor's are Ajrudin and Yamina who had two children Abdul Wahid and Wahida,

Abdul Wagiet [Wagiet] listed in his death notice as Abdol Waggie alias Malatie had three children from his first marriage to Ateeqah and five children from his second marriage to Mariam.

Children from Ateeqah

  1. Failodien Waggie
  2. Ajrudin Waggie
  3. Zubeida Waggie married Dollie. 

Children from Mariam

  1. Jawayer Wagiet
  2. Ebrahim Wagiet – Grandson Ridwan in Picture
  3. Ismail Waggie
  4. Subeiga Wagiet Married Jensen
  5. Moosa Wagiet

In the picture on the left is Abdul Wahid’s great grandson-Ridwan, Great Great Grandson- Shamil, and Great Great Great Grandsons – Zubayr and Deen

Adams Family

There is a direct Connection with the Adams Family of Black River. Asa Adams [b.1917..d. 2012] was married to M. Salie Wagiet [b.1916..d.1989] in 1945. I [Ridwan Wagiet] happen to be the youngest cousin of the Adams Family.

Manan Family

The Manan Family is my mother's [Asa Adams] maternal family. The earliest ancestor we know of is Makhnoon Manan [b.1800 d 1823] and he is my mother's Great Grandfather. My mother's Grandmother Ediah [Louisa] Manan nee Valentan lived to 101 years. [b. 1837 d 1938]. Ediah was also a guest of Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace in 1886 during the colonial fair.

The Japie Family

My Grandfather Ebrahim Wagiet [b.1878 d 1942] was married to Zubeida Japie [b 1879 d. 1921]. She was the daughter of Abdul Gasiep Japie and Fatima Juharkie. The earliest ancestor we know of is Abdul Gasiep's father Jakoeb Japie also known as Jaapie who was married to Qamariyah Sturk. His father was Jan Pott and his mother was known as Hata. Qamariyah was the daughter of Abraham and Pamlah Sturk of Riversdale in the Western Cape

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